Atkin Guitars
Handgearbeitete Meisetrinstrumente von Alister Atkin aus Großbritanien. Alister Atkins Gitarren werden in England und darüber hinaus von der Creme de la Creme des Musikbiz gespielt: Richard Hawley, Paul McCartney, Graham Coxon, die Buddy Holly Foundation, Sharleen Spiteri ...

I can genuinely say – as a guitar player that’s been playing since I was a boy – that Alister Atkin’s acoustic instruments are the best that I’ve played. They’re on a par with a lot of old vintage stuff that I’ve had the pleasure of playing. I just can’t say enough about Alister as a person and his guitars. And I’m not being sponsored, by the way. I have to pay for them! But they’re worth every penny.
Richard Hawley / Guitar Buyer Interview

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