Thx to:

Tina Cornils for all the photos, texting, laughter and ... patience while sharing her live with me!
Luv - LeRoi

Thomas Neitsch of - without him this project would not have seen the light of day!

Andreas Lang - my personal Guitar Guru since day one! Best repairs you can get!!

All those great builders and guitar addicts out there - without them this would be a dull place ;): Gerhard Schwarz of Schwarz Custom Guitars, George Lowden, Doug Kauer, Paul Rhoney, Frank Hartung, Mike Potvin, Frank Deimel, Mikael Springer, Thomas Eich. Manuel Bastian, Markus Quenzel, Sacha & Robby of Gamble Guitars, Ray Gerold, Andreas Kloppmann, Jason Lollar, Nik Huber, Jens Ritter, Juha Ruokangas, Ulrich Teuffel, Michael Spalt, Peter Alexius, Joerg Lerchenmueller, Egon Rauscher & Albi of Soultool, Uwe Schoelch of Tonfuchs ... and so many more.
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