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Bad Cat Ltd Edition Classic Deluxe, SOLD!

Bad Cat is proud to introduce the 2014 Limited Edition Classic Deluxe. Hand-built entirely in Southern California. Of all of the inquiries we get for amps from our custom shop, by far the most requested is the Classic Deluxe.

The Classic Deluxe is our take on the dual 6V6, 20-watt Blackface circuit. Full, round and punchy, with just enough power to get you over the drummer. It's an exceptional pedal platform. Simplicity of controls makes it the perfect club combo.

The Classic Deluxe Limited Edition for 2014 comes with a lush tube driven reverb, limited edition signature vinyl, and of course the lifetime transferable warranty.

2014 Limited Edition Classic Deluxe Re-Issue Features

• Two-Tone Signature Vinyl (Stone Graph and Black Steel)

• Signed and Numbered For Authenticity

• Lifetime Transferable Warranty


Available Configuration:
1x12 Combo

Cabinet Material:
13 Ply Baltic Birch


Power Tubes:

Pre-Amp Channel 1:
3-12AX7, 1-12AT7

Rectifier Tube





Speaker Description

12" Bad Cat proprietary Celestion Speaker

8 ohms
* inkl. MwSt., zzgl. Versandkosten